“The Azienda Agricola La Prendina wine production is quite recent as it began in 1958 with the purchase of the vineyards, while the existence of La Prendina as a farm goes back many years.”

Maps and documents of the Gonzaga period (XIV-XVIII century) indicate the existence of the La Prendina estate. Also, the evidence of the buildings such as the tower and dovecote suggest a much older existence.

After extensive re-working, we planted new vineyards based on our experience at Cavalchina. Initially, the wines were sold under the Cavalchina name. The first wine to use the La Prendina name was a Merlot bottled in 1980 for the celebrated chef Gualtiero Marchesi. The Merlot remains even today the wine that best expresses the character of La Prendina.  
By 1990, all La Prendina’s wines were sold under its own brand and started to be recognized in tastings and guides for its Bordeaux style, particularly with Vigneto del Falcone. 

“Respect is the keyword that
explains our philosophy”


This entails a minimum impact on the terroir, a vinification that emphasises minimal intrusion into nature’s methods and promotes the character of each variety

Our wines are intended to accompany food.

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