“For centuries the name Torre d’Orti on the San Martino Buanalbergo maps had indicated a precise area on the hills near the village of Marcellise.”

This site, due to its great view, was chosen by the Castello di Montorio as a place to build a watchtower to maintain security from enemies. Centuries later, the same spot was utilized by the local farmers for growing olives, grapes and cereals, who also created terracing, still visible today.    

Recently, the Piona family bought the land of the former watchtower, choosing to maintain the historic name for their estate. 

The land was replanted with vines for the production of Valpolicella wines. The terroir is special in that the red earth typical of Valpolicella classico is combined with white chalk.

“This terroir combined with the altitude gives the grapes a very low pH and high acidity, creating distinguished and well-balanced wines, extremely elegant, suitable for long aging. In one word: Elegance.”


If there is something we learnt is that, to achieve powerful and concentrated wines, it is essential to have a suitable climate and soil, without overturning nature during the production process. 

The wines’ style does not chase winning models, but it aims to enhance the peculiar characteristics of our grapes and to highlight our wines’ acid freshness and aging potential. 

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