“‘L lac is the comeback of the Piona family in Lugana. Frandad Luciano, founder of Cavalchina, used to own an estate on the banks of Frassino lake, but his son Giulietto sold it in order to enlarge La Prendina estate. His grandchildren, Franco and Luciano, decided to come back to Frassino Lake and to acquire Azienda Agricola ‘L lac which today is an estate in the heart of Lugana.”

The vineyards’ location and pedoclimatic characteristics lead to a careful wine production aimed to enhance the authenticity of the territorial identity notes. 

Due to the limited quantity and its nature, our product is aimed only at real Lugana’s enthusiasts who are aware of the denomination's real expressions. 

“The vineyards’ yields are kept very low in order to produce healthy grapes with high sugar levels.”


‘L lac is a mono product winery whose purpose is to express the strengths and peculiarities of the terroir to the best of its abilities.

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